Awards 2018

HKF Vijnan Ratna Award

Prof. Sandip Trivedi

This year the Vijnan Ratna award goes to Prof. Sandip Trivedi, M Sc, PhD is the Director and distinguished Professor at TIFR Mumbai. TIFR is an internationally reputed institute (established in 1945) doing basic research in pure sciences. It has recently collaborated with Intel (US) and NitiAayog to set up a model international centre for Transformative A I (ICAI). Prof. Trivedi, best known as theoretical physicist has made seminal contributions to string theory finding first models of accelerated expansion of Univac in Flow Energy String. His research interest covers string theory, cosmology and particle physics. He has received several honours and awards for his contributions to science, chief amongst them are TWAS Prize for Physics, Infosys Prize for Physical Sciences, S S Bhatnagar Award and distinguished Alumnus of IIT Kanpur. He has also got fellowships of TWAS (Third World Academy of Sciences, Italy), Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore and Indian National Science Academy New Delhi.

HKF Vijnan Bhushan Award

Prof. Mayor

Prof. Mayor, MSc PhD is the Director, NCBS and in Stem, Bangalore. After doing MSc in Chemistry from IIT Mumbai, he went to USA to do PhD in Live Sciences from Rockefeller University. Applying principles of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Prof. Mayor seeks to understand how cell membranes wok. He has studied synthetic bio membranes for application of molecular biology in his PhD programme in US. He has also examined how trypanosomes construct lipid anchor that attaches surface proteins to cell membranes. He has a chemist intuition and perspective on bio systems.

Chief Guest & Lifetime Achievement Award

Mr. Nandan Nilekani

We are fortunate to have no less a person than Mr. Nandan Nilekani as the Chief Guest to present the awards. Mr. Nilekani is an Electrical Engineer from IIT Mumbai. He is the Co-Founder and Non-Executive Chairman of Infosys – India’s second largest software services exporter. He was, until recently, the Chairman of UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) which is also known as Aadhar Card. The nation is beholden to his monumental contributions creating Aadhar and taking India on the path of being paperless, presence less and cashless society enabling the biggest and fastest financial inclusion in the world. He has been decorated and honoured by many international and national organisations.

23rd HK Frodia Awards Event Videos

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