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There is a considerable decline in the number of students choosing basic sciences as a career. This award aims to promote, inspire such young talent to take the route of research and contribute to the nation’s progress.

‘Making India a Self-Reliant Nation’ was Late. H K Firodia’s dream. Since its inception, the foundation has ensured to inculcate activities which are in line with this dream. It is consistently engaged in projects of promoting science without any aid from government organizations. The founder, Shri. Arun Firodia is a successful industrialist, social activist who has solely taken upon this mantle to accomplish his father’s dreams.

H K Firodia

“It was a very common site to find HK greasing his own hands and toiling on the shop floor. Even at the age of 75, he would himself drive any new vehicle that he saw abroad and even go underneath it to study its mechanism. His friends and collaborators used to be amazed by the energy displayed by this man."
– (Every Post - A Winning Post)

Such was the Doyen of Indian Automobile Industry- Hastimal Kundanmal Firodia, fondly referred as ‘HK’ by friends. The visionary who built a 1000cr group of industries from nothing, inculcating values of Determination, Excellence and HRD. Every industry, engineering enterprise, vendor, under Firodia Group of Companies was driven by innovation.

‘Chal Meri Luna’ became a countrywide slogan in mid 70’s as the nation witnessed the most affordable mopeds of the time- Kinetic Luna. An invention born out of HK’s dream to make availability of an intermediate two wheeler which could be cheaper than scooter and pricier than bicycle. He also contributed Kinetic Honda, Vespa in Indian automobile evolution, earning him the honor ‘The Pioneer of Indian Two Wheeler Industry’. His vehicular credits further enlist Tempo Three Wheeler, Matador, Tempo Traveler and Trax. Another ambitious venture of HK was to manufacture ‘People’s Car’ – a utility vehicle for which he went to the extent of appealing the government to lower excise duty from 40% to 5-10%.

Even though he always maintained low profile, HK’s goodwill couldn’t be kept secret on account of his innumerable philanthropic activities. It was his unrelenting quest for learning newer things that carved a personality that will inspire generations. He passed away on October 1st 1995 but his journey of innovation-led-nation continues in the form of H K Firodia Awards.

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